Music at Funerals

Music at Funerals
Many Crematoria have The Wesley System installed, that provides all types of music in varying tempos or performer specific selections.

Over the years the taste and acceptability of music selection at funerals has changed. In the past only music of a religious nature and traditional hymns have been played or sung. Nowadays all categories of music, such as the person’s favourite pop song, classical or even comical songs are becoming acceptable to congregations as a fitting tribute to remember the person by.

Churches, Crematoria and Cemetery Chapels often have a keyboard of some description and/or recorded music systems as part of their service. Many Crematoria have The Wesley System installed, which is an Internet based music library that provides all types of music in varying tempos or performer specific selections. However, if this is not available, you may provide your own music CDs, which should be transported to the venue in advance for testing on their systems. Any recorded music supplied on the day is not guaranteed of being playable.

It is acceptable to engage groups of singers, musicians or choirs to perform at the services provided that plenty of notice is given to the service venue. In these instances, we strongly recommend that you reserve a double appointment at Crematoria or Cemetery Chapels to allow for setting up time, the service and clearing the chapel afterwards.

Funeral Costs

How much does a
funeral cost?

It is our policy to be open and informative about the funeral costs from the outset. Our costs are divided into three main groups.

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Choosing A Memorial

Choosing a memorial
for your loved one

Following a burial or the placing of cremated remains in a Churchyard or Cemetery, you may choose to have a suitable memorial placed on the grave.

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Floral Tributes

Traditional and specialist floral tributes

Through local florists we can arrange traditional wreathes, posies and coffin sprays as well as specialist tributes such as words and shapes.

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